La Salette Catholic Primary School

Loved by Jesus and Our Lady Of La Salette,
we learn and grow together, in joy and friendship

Religious Education Visits and Events  


 At la Salette we have a planned programme of religious visits that aid our children in their understanding of not only the Catholic faith, but also other world religions. This is an important part of making sure that our children understand the role of faith in people's lives, but also that we are a tolerant and inclusive school and community.



Places of Worship and Reflection

Reception - Visit to La Salette Catholic Church

Year 1 -  Visit to local Rainham Parish Church

Year 2 - Brentwood Cathedral Visit

Year 3 - Romford Synagogue

Year 4 - Mosque Visit

Year 5 -  Walsingham House Catholic Retreat

Year 6 - Westminster Cathedral


Holy Days of Obligation & Masses 

 La Salette Feast Day 19th September

Harvest Festival Mass

All Saints Mass

Nativity of the Lord

Epiphany Mass - 5th January

Ash Wednesday Mass - 14th February

Lent Mass -25th March

Ascension Mass - 9th May 

St. Peter St. Paul


Other Religious Visits & Events

Brentwood Cathedral Christmas Nativity Concert

Christmas Nativity Concert

Stations of The Cross Service

Advent Candles Assemblies

Advent Reconciliation Service

Lent Reconciliation Service

Weekly Rosary Club

Reception La Salette Church Visit


Year 2 Brentwood Cathedral Visit


Year 4 Ilford Mosque Visit

Year 6 Walsingham House Retreat Day

Year 1 Rainham And Wennington Parish Visit


Year 3 Synagogue Visit


Year 5 Barking Gurdwara Visit