La Salette Catholic Primary School

Loved by Jesus and Our Lady Of La Salette,
we learn and grow together, in joy and friendship

The Staff of La Salette


Headteacher: Mr A.S Wilson

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs D. Bain

Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs T. O'Sullivan


Safeguarding Team Members: Mr A.S Wilson (DSL), Mrs D. Bain (Deputy), Miss H. Courtney (2nd Deputy)


Year 6 Teaching Staff: Mrs D.Bain & Miss A. Gill 

Year 5 Teaching Staff: Mrs T. O'Sullivan & Mrs J. Bushell

Year 4 Teaching Staff: Miss C. Allan & Mrs L. Edmundson

Year 3 Teaching Staff: Miss E. O'Flynn & Ms A. Leary

Year 2 Teaching Staff: Miss M. Glenister & Mrs M. Gill 

Year 1 Teaching Staff: Miss T. Ferrara & Mrs K. Edmunds

EYFS Teaching Staff: Miss H. Courtney & Mrs D. Laws


Additional Teaching and Support staff:   Mrs W. White  (Yr 5& 6) 


Teaching Support  Staff:  

Mrs T. Wells 

Ms S. Gradley-Jones 

 Mrs R. Merridan

Miss A. White

Mrs S. Olio

Mrs. M. Lever


Midday Supervisor: Ms A. Leary

Midday Support Staff: 


Caretaker: Mr T. Caisey


Office Staff:

Office Manager: Mrs C. Brennan

Finance and Administration Officer: Mrs T. Pappa

                    Finance and Administration Assistant: Mrs K. Dobbins