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Sports Premium Funding 


Primary Sports Funding – 2018-2019

At La Salette we invest in P.E to continue to improve our provision and raise participation and achievement for all pupils in sport. We have received £17,758 Sports Premium Funding


Our funding priorities are to:

  • Increase participation in district, borough and county-wide competitions and tournaments through membership of the local sports collective;
  • Purchase additional PE resources to enable a wider and ‘new’ range of sports to be played.
  • Develop and host an annual summer sports tournament that encourages participation with our local cluster schools.
  • To continue to develop staff expertise in teaching P.E  through training and professional development.

How is it spent?

A large proportion of our funding is spent on membership of the Havering Sports Collective. Membership of the Collective allows us to maximise the impact that our funding can have. The benefits of this partnership are listed in the breakdown below together with our own uses of the funding.


Initiative Expected Outcome Impact
Havering Sports Collective  Allows access to competitive tournaments and events in sports, outside of that which the school could normally provide using our fascilities. Knowledge of the role of fair play and sportsmanship. Opportunities to develop skills in new sports and for children who are gifted in a sport to compete against other gifted children competitively.
Outdoor Adventure Activities Residential Children will participate in rock climbing, watersports and outdoor adventure activities. Children develop teamwork skills, 
Archery Club  Children participate in archery lessons  Children learn the basics of archery and develop a new sports skill.
Inter-House Sports Events and Sports Leaders (pupils) Raise the profile of physical activity through competitive competitions throughout the school year. Increased the profile of sports and promoted leadership roles for children in leading sporting events.
Bikeability training. The school organises bike training for pupils in Y5 and 6. Children to become more aware of road dangers and to gain increased confidence when biking on roads.

Claire Cup Deanery Sports Competition

Children participate in organised competitive football tournament Increased engagement in school football clubs and development of teamwork, skill and knowledge.
Additional lunchtime sports equipment  Encouraging active play during break times and lunchtimes Children are active and engaged in physical activity during break times and lunchtimes.



Participation in School Clubs 2018 - 2019


Year Group Number of children  Percentage of Year Group
EYFS 6 23%
Year 1 12 41%
Year 2 18 60%
Year 3 17 57%
Year 4 15 50%
Year 5 24 77%
Year 6 24 89%



Swimming 2018-2019


  • 80% can swim competently and confidently over a distance of 25m.
  • 80% can use a range of strokes effectively.  

The school is currently reviewing our swimming provision to improve outcomes by the end of KS2