La Salette Catholic Primary School

Loved by Jesus and Our Lady Of La Salette,
we learn and grow together, in joy and friendship

Celebration of the Word, Prayer and Liturgy

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Celebration of the Word, Prayer and Liturgy

  • Our school week begins with a whole school Celebration of the Word (Gospel Assembly); the focus of the assembly relates to the Sunday Gospel and is led by the Headteacher.
  • R.E leaders from each class lead the Wednesday Word Gospel reflection for their class on Wednesday mornings.
  • At the end of the school week, the whole school comes together in Celebration of the Word Assembly lead by the Headteacher or senior staff.
  • Class based, staff/pupil led, Celebration of the Word ( collective worship) takes place on Tuesday and Thursday
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Whole School Gospel Assembly Class Celebration of the Word Wednesday Word Liturgy

    Class Celebration of the Word

    or Class Assembly

    Whole School Celebration Assembly

Class Celebration of the Word (Assemblies & Themes)

  • During our school year, each class prepares two assemblies that parents are warmly encouraged to attend, as this promotes community spirit, the sharing of the talents that God has given us and the children’s achievements.
  • We take the themes of our assemblies from the Catholic faith, and we observe the festivals and mark the events of the Liturgical year. We follow the “Come and See” Religious education programme and our displays and themes of assemblies follow this scheme.


Classroom Prayers

  • Prayer is woven into the daily life of our school through liturgy and prayer and within our school assemblies and faith celebrations.
  • Prayer also takes place in the morning, lunch and at the end of the school day.  There is a strong pupil involvement in the preparation and presentation of prayer.
  • Classes have a specific RE / Prayer area and display as appropriate to the Liturgical calendar or R.E topic.
  • All Governing Body Meetings and Staff Meetings begin with shared Prayer.
  • There is a children’s prayer area in the inner lobby where children write and offer prayers.
  • Children are encouraged to share music and hymns as part of our shared prayer life in the school.  


Expectations of Prayer (guidance taken from Prayer and Liturgy Directory 2024)

Prayer can be planned or spontaneous in schools. Below is a simple outline of our expectation of prayer at La Salette

Age Phase 5-7 (KS1) 7-9 Lower KS2 9-11 Upper KS2 11-14 (KS3)
Prayers • The Sign of the Cross
• The Lord’s Prayer
• Hail Mary
• Glory be
• Grace before meals
• Grace after meals
• The Apostles’ Creed
• An Act of Contrition
• Angel of God
• Come, Holy Spirit
• The Prayer of St Richard of Chichester

Morning Offering

• The Rosary

• The Magnificat
• Act of Faith
• Act of Hope
• Act of Love

• The Benedictus
• The Angelus
• Hail Holy Queen
• The Memorare
• Jesus, Mary and Joseph,I give you
• Eternal Rest


  • Whole School Masses are celebrated on Holy Days of Obligation and special Feast Days and Celebrations. 
  • Masses are celebrated in The Parish Church of Our Lady of La Salette. 
  • Our children also join the parish community for early morning masses ( daily) before school.
  • Seasonal celebrations and school events are also celebrated in the Parish Church.
  • The First Communion preparation is Parish based and the whole community takes part in the First Holy Communion celebration.
  • In the summer the children have class outdoor masses on our paved outdoor reflection area.
  • We venerate the Shrine of Our Lady Of La Salette on our school feast day and use religious statues and icons as a focus for our personal reflection.
  • A service for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered by our priests in the school for years 4, 5 and 6 during Advent and Lent.
  • Year R – Year 3 take part in a reflection assembly as part of reconciliation services.