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Year 6


Remote Learning 

 Miss Ferrara will be uploading work for remote learning

Miss Ferrara will also be making phone calls to each family during the week to 'check in' and offer support or advice if needed. However, if parents or children need support during the time at home with any of the tasks or simply would like to speak with the class teacher, a year group email is checked daily and phone calls or return emails can be arranged



Week commencing 18.1.21
Work for week beginning 18.1.21
Biographies and autobiographies powerpoint
Immunisations powerpoint
The Battle of The Somme powerpoint
Reading comprehensions
Battle of the Somme
Reading practice paper booklet
Reading practice paper answer booklet
Reading practice paper answers


Week commencing 25.1.21

Explanation videos

Explanation video Monday

Explanation video Tuesday

Explanation video Wednesday

Explanation video Thursday

Explanation video Friday


 Work for week beginning 25.1.21

Handwriting booklet

Useful links

Reading comprehensions

Reading comprehension day 1

Reading comprehension day 1 answers

Reading comprehension day 2

Reading comprehension day 2 answers

Practice reading paper booklet

Practice reading paper answer booklet

Practice reading paper answers

Marcus Rashford


Week commencing 1.2.21

Explanation videos


Work pack for week commencing 1.2.21

Useful links

Reading comprehensions

Jimmy and the pharoah

Dodge and the tornado

Reading booklet

Reading answer booklet

Reading mark scheme


 Week commencing 8.2.21

Explanation videos


Work pack for week commencing 8.2.21

Useful links

Reading comprehensions

Monday reading booklet

Monday answer booklet

Monday answers

Tuesday reading booklet

Tuesday answer booklet

Tuesday answers