La Salette Catholic Primary School

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Remote Learning 


Miss Courtney will be uploading work for remote learning

Miss Courtney will also be making phone calls to each family during the week to 'check in' and offer support or advice if needed. However, if parents or children need support during the time at home with any of the tasks or simply would like to speak with the class teacher, a year group email is checked daily and phone calls or return emails can be arranged

If you would like a physical paper pack printed out for your child, please phone the office and they will arrange a time for you to collect your pack. 


WB 25.1.21

Literacy - Literacy plans            Wake up time on Bumble Farm Story PowerPoint       Wake up time on Bumble Farm - read by Miss Courtney       Rhyming words PowerPoint 

Maths-      Maths plans                 Ladybird addition PowerPoint            Gingerbread man addition to 10 PowerPoint

Other Curriculum  -  Curriculum plans     CVC words reading PowerPoint       Jobs on the Farm PowerPoint        Noah's ark PowerPoint



WB 18.1.21

 Literacy -    Literacy plans            Messy Magpie Story PowerPoint

Maths -    Maths Plans       Properties of 2D shapes PowerPoint         Name the 2D shape PowerPoint quiz

Other Curriculum-  Curriculum plans      How to make recycled paper           I recycle song lyrics              j, v, w, x, y, z initial sounds PowerPoint

                                                        Phase 2 yes or no reading PowerPoint                      Recycling PowerPoint