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Online Safety  

We need to remember how to stay safe online.

Please remember....



You have the right to feel safe all the time, including when using ICT or your mobile phone.

If anything makes you feel scared or uncomfortable tell a responsible adult straight away.  Don't be afraid you will get into trouble.

If you receive a nasty message or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, do not reply.  Show it to a responsible adult.

Only email people you know, or someone who a responsible adult has approved.

Be respectful in your messages and emails.

Keep your personal details private when using ICT or a mobile phone.  Your name, your family information, your journey to school, your pets and hobbies are all examples of personal information.

Don't show anyone photographs of yourself, friends or family without checking with a responsible adult first.

Never agree to meet an online friend in real life without checking with a responsible adult first.