Physical Education is important for children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence in a range of physical activities.  At La Salette children are provided with opportunities to develop these skills through dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and water safety, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities.  Participation in PE promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action.  They need to think, select and apply taught skills.  Children learn to have a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, making informed choices about physical activity for themselves as they develop and mature.

At La Salette we provide a wide range of resources to support the teaching of PE across the school.  We have access to a hall for indoor dance and gymnastics, a playground for games lessons and lunchtime activities as well as a large playing field where football, team games, athletics activities and our annual Sports Day take place.

We are proud at La Salette of our extra-curricular activities which are available to large numbers of children.  Junior children have access to football (Y5/6), netball (Y5/6) and running clubs (Y4/5/6) which take place after school or at lunchtimes.  Our football and netball teams participate in local leagues achieving many positive results over the years.

La Salette have bought into the Havering Sports Collective which offers support, staff training, coaching and competitive activities to schools within the Borough.  We have taken part in a large number of competitions over the past year, including Quadkids Athletics, Sportshall Athletics, KS1 Games Festivals and Gymnastics.

In addition to competitions organised by the Sports Collective we have also participated in Cross Country, Mini Olympics and Cricket through established links with local secondary schools and sports clubs. 

The school is proud to have been awarded the Silver Sainsbury's School Games Mark 2016 which recognises the ongoing commitment we have made to sporting provision throughout the school.


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